Dual deck MP3 controlTouch Screen Pitch controlPitch and Time DisplayRotating platter
Load separate MP3s into each deck and control position, pitch & cue points individually.For quick pitch shifting from -8 to + 8%Display shows track name, current pitch, time elapsed and which deck it currently active.This simple but effective animation provides instant visual feedback as to what your selected deck is doing.
DJ Rotating PlatterPlay and Cue ButtonsTouch screen cross faderTurntable effects
The multi-function platter provides fine pitch tuning, pitch nudge and cue set facilities.
If the play light is green the deck is playing, if its red its stopped. Simple.
Access to the finger touch responsive cross fader provides a quick and easy way to cross fade your tracks.
At the moment we have Auto fade and turntable power off style effects.
MP3 mobile browserMulti channel outputTouch screen scratching 
Fast scrolling large text mp3 browser so you can quickly and accurately select the next tune.
DJ from your phone speaker, headphones and speaker or connect to a professional DJ mixer.Scratch on a virtual vinyl record or use it to beat match your track. (THIS FEATURE IS IN DEVELOPMENT)